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Quizzes Topics
Unit One

To Be Completed
Before Class

To Be Completed Before Class

Discussion Guides

1   Lesson 1a Quiz 1a "What Is Confirmation?"
2   Lesson 1b Quiz 1b Luther's Small Catechism
3   Lesson 1c Quiz 1c The Bible
4   Lesson 1d Quiz 1d Law And Gospel-
    Class Guide

Review Unit 1e

In-Class Review
Unit Two   The Ten Commandments  
6 Lesson 2a   Quiz 2a Ten Commandments Intro
7 Lesson 2b   Quiz 2b Second Commandment
Third Commandment
8 Lesson 2c   Quiz 2c Commandments 4-5
Commandment 6
9 Lesson 2d   Quiz 2d Commandment 7
Commandment 8
Commandments 9-10/
Close To Commandments
10 Lesson 2 Review   Review Unit 2e  
Unit Three   The Creeds  

Lesson 3a

Quiz 3a

The Creeds

Lesson 3b

Quiz 3b

The Trinity

Lesson 3c

Quiz 3c

God, The Father--Creation
Part 1   Part 2

Lesson 3d

Quiz 3d-Part 1
Quiz 3d-Part 2

God, The Son--Redemption
    Part 1    Part 2

Lesson 3e

 Quiz 3e

God, The Holy Spirit--Sanctification

Lesson 3 Review

Unit Four   The Sacraments  

Lesson 4a

Quiz 4a Intro Sacraments

Lesson 4b

Quiz 4b Holy Baptism

Lesson 4c

Quiz 4c Lord's Supper

Lesson 4d

Quiz 4d Confession
20 Unit 4 Review     
Unit Five

Communion Workshop
A Three Session Review & Preparation
For First Communion

Unit Six   Final Review  
    Confirmation Examination
Study Guide
    For Parents  

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