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Are Based On Average Weekly Worship Attendance.

Weekly Worship Attendance

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0 Individual/Homeschool $10 $25
1 1-49 $25 $65
2 50-99 $55 $120
3 100-149 $100 $250
4 150-199 $125 $280
5 200-249 $150 $330
6 250+ $175 $450
Multiple Cong. Clusters/ Circuits/Districts/Denomination
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Your Purchase Includes: Series I
Leaders and Student Materials
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Bible Summary:
New Testament


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License Terms: Materials may only be printed for stated use and number of users only. Congregations (or other institutions) may reprint permission within their own congregation for the period purchased only. Purchasers may not modify or share materials for use outside their organization for any purpose without explicit written consent of

All rights to reprint the materials expire after
the license subscription purchased is completed.
Purchasers automatically agree to these
terms by means of their purchase.

Renewals: 10% discount to the subscription rate at the time of renewal if renewed
     within 1 year.

Sales Tax: Non-Profit organizations must send proof of tax-exempt status via mail, email or fax (248-852-5510). Michigan Residents must add 6% sales tax to their order.

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