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Lutheran Confirmation

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Scriptural  +  Confessional  +  Practical  +  Lutheran 

Unit 1-e: 

"Continue in what you have learned and have
become convinced of
II Timothy 3:14 (NIV)

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Multiple Choice:

1. What is a Lutheran?

2. Before the Reformation, who did the confirming?

3. Before the Reformation, confirmation was understood as the
    time to...

4. In who examines the confirmand to see if she or he is ready
     to be confirmed?

5. The most important reason to be confirmed is...


6. In the early Church is was customary for entire households to be

7. Confirmation is a "sacrament" because it is so very special.

8. Luther's Small Catechism has FIVE main parts. He did this to
    make it easy to remember--one main part for each finger.

9. Today, God talks directly to many people in addition to using
    the Bible.

10. God sometimes used dreams and visions to give the Bible to
     the prophets and apostles.

11. The Old Testament has 27 books while the New Testament has
     39 books.

12. When used with the Bible, the word "canonical" means that the
     book is part of the Holy Scriptures.

13. In the Old Testament, God is a God of wrath. In the New
     Testament, God is a God of love.

14. A "catechism" is a book of questions and answers.

15. Lutherans are the only church which has a catechism.

16. Luther wrote the Small Catechism because even the pastors
    of his day didn't know even the basic teachings of Christianity.

17. The two main teachings of the Bible are Moses and Jesus.

18. The Law "Shows Our Savior."

19. The Gospel "Shows Our Salvation."

20. God used apostles, prophets and epistles to write His Word.



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