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Lutheran Confirmation

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Unit 2-E:

"Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.
         Matthew 22:39 (NIV)

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Multiple Choice:

1. Which is NOT one of the "Three Uses Of The Law"?

2. To whom did God give the Commandments on Mt. Horeb?

3. According to Luther, the "Two Main Teachings" of the Bible are...

4. Why were The Ten Commandments written on Two Stone Tablets?

5. The most important reason we keep the Ten Commandments is because...


6.The primary focus of the First Commandment is to worship God every Sabbath.

7. One way we obey the Second Commandment is to pray to God regularly.

8. The Third Commandment reminds us that we have only one God.

9. The Fourth Commandment reminds us to respect and obey all authorities
     including parents.

10. Being angry with someone, for other than a holy reason, is a sin against the
     Fifth Commandment.

11. The word "adultery" means to "make something dirty" or "pervert the intended
     use of something."

12. One's reputation is protected by the Ninth Commandment.

13. "Coveting" means "to have an unholy desire for something or someone."

14. A "catechism" is a book of questions and answers.

15. All Christians number the Ten Commandments the same way.

16. In Matthew 22:37-39, Jesus said the Ten Commandments can be summarized by
     the word "love."

17. The Ten Commandments were written on the hearts of Adam and Eve.

18. Because they are Christians, it is easier for Christians to obey the
     Ten Commandments.

19. According to James, if we break even one part of any commandment, we break
     all Ten Commandments.

20. God can forgive us for breaking any of the Ten Commandments because of His
     love for us in Jesus Christ.



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